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---Lance Armstrong has equal billing with a former U.S. president at the Power Within Leadership Series, a day-long program scheduled for the Javits Convention Center in New York City on Oct. 6. Bill Clinton will talk about leadership while the cancer-surviving cycling champion addresses motivation. Four other  speakers, including Michael Eisner, former CEO of Walt Disney Co., will cover management, success strategies, entrepreneurship and marketing. It's a pricey program, as you might expect. Details at http://www.powerwithin.com/pdf/CycleSport_NY-ds.pdf

---Saul Raisin was among a group led by George Hincapie on a pre-race cruise around the USPRO championship course in Greenville. Wearing his green-and-while Credit Agricole kit, Raisin was on one of his first public rides since suffering a severe head injury in an April race crash in France. It was another milestone moment for the 23-year-old Georgian. "I was a quadriplegic for about a week, and they said I might not get my balance back," Raisin said. "But I was riding the trainer so much, and then the rollers, so I knew I could ride out on the road again at some point." Asked to predict who the next U.S. champion would be, he replied, "Well, it will be me next year!" http://www.saulraisin.com

---We sure could have used this in July and August! The new CTS Hydration Calculator from Carmichael Training Systems is a quick way to know how many fluid ounces you've sweated out during a ride. And, therefore, how much you need to drink to fully rehydrate. (CTS recommendation: 150% of the amount lost.) Doing it right prevents chronic dehydration and also the possibility of drinking too much and suffering the serious medical condition known as hyponatremia. The easy-to-use calculator is at http://www.trainright.com/info.asp?actionfiltered=display&uid=3439

---Jan Ullrich's career may be in tatters but his love life seems just fine. The 32-year-old German, recently fired by Team T-Mobile for suspected doping offenses, married Sara Steinhauser, 28, last Sunday. (Previously, Ullrich and girlfriend Gaby Weiss had a daughter, who is now 3 years old.) After the honeymoon, Ullrich will be defending himself against charges that he used EPO, steroids, human growth hormones and blood doping services provided by Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, the reputed leader of an international sports doping network. The allegations apparently caused Germany's public television network, ARD, to end its eight-year association with Ullrich after this year. The ARD contract calls for payments as high as $300,000 annually (depending on racing performances) for interviews, diaries and appearances on entertainment shows.

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